Years of dedication and hard work since 2003 in the real estate industry has demonstrated that Sean Lin is an exceedingly reliable realtor, specializing in the pre-sale and re-sale market. Sean started his career in the financial industry, specializing in accounting management.

Through many transactions with clients, mortgage brokers, bankers, and real estate agents, his comprehension of real estate elevated, including his desire to focus on the industry. This provided the foundation for him to become a dedicated realtor with the financial intelligence to cover all aspects of his profession.


Major developments he’s participated in include Garden City , OMA1 & OMA2, 1212 Howe, AXIS, Evelyn Drive & Millennium Water.

The fundamentals in real estate don’t change, but the ever evolving market and rules and regulations do. Sean Lin is an expert in his field – knowing and understanding these fundamentals, as well as working extremely well with other realtors is what makes him the one real estate agent that everyone trusts.

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